Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working during Holiday

I’m leaving my hometown, Ipoh, after a long holiday. I need to go back to UM to have another sem. This holiday, I didn’t totally stay at home(If I did so, I would be bored till die!), I spent a big portion of my holiday to work at KL, to earn some money.

Let’s recall what kind of jobs I involved in this holiday. Wern Yet, Chu Hong and I went to lots of place for interviews, for instances, restaurants, shops, promoter agents and etc.

We went to a training at E-promoter, at that time, I got my first job which is to promote Protex products at Guardian Bukit Bintang for 8 days. But then, I quitted that lame job after 2 days working. I just couldn’t bear with the suffocating atmosphere, boredoms and tiredness. I was supposed to do sampling on sanitizer, but guess what? Sanitizer is not being sold in that outlet! My supervisor asked me to promote other Protex Products, but somehow, it seemed stupid to let customers tried on the sanitizer, then told them it was not being sold there, asked them to purchase another products. WTF. Most of the customers were foreigners, and some of them didn’t even know English or Chinese. I ended up with weak sales in the first two days, then my supervisor called and complained on me, she asked me to be more aggressive(chase customers and keep promoting), walao…if you were customers, would you get annoyed? Well, maybe it was not a suitable job for me, so I quitted.

For weekdays, I worked at Ecoparadise, mostly on customer services. The spa is based on the concept of anti-oxidant which can neutralize excessive free radicals in our body, and hence stabilize our body with immunity boosted. That means when I was working, I actually breathed in the anti-oxidant also, indeed it made me feel healthier and more energetic. It was not a tough job and I had a lot of free time, the manager also treated us so nice, I had quite a lot of free meals during the working period, haha, really need to thank Mrs Wong. I made new friends and meet those customers with severe diseases, I appreciated their will to fight for their lives. It was a really great job that provided learning chances for me, I didn’t regret and perhaps, I would go back to work someday.

I also worked as promoter for Safegg at Wisma Thrifty for 6 days, another tiring job. It was a job to test my patience and ability to eat snake! Well, it was still better than promoting Protex because it was higher paid and more convenience. I didn’t have much constraint so, I usually have chance to eat snake! The egg I promoted is the healthiest, safest and yet, it is the most costly one. Most of the customers stressed on economic products, so they seldom purchased such expensive things, despite how good it was. It was true! For me, it was not really worth it. But anyway, I still need to thank the person who introduced the job for me. Haha…

After a month of hard work, I reached the amount that I targeted to earn. I went back to Ipoh and ready for my trip. So excited! I was able to afford a backpack in Singapore! A memorable one! Hooray!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd year..

Wah…Time flies, I have finished 2nd year, now moving ahead to 3rd year. I have also stepped into my golden age, it’s my 21st. Let’s see what I’ve done during my 2nd year and some of the reveals of my thought.

Academic: Err…pretty well? But don’t think that I’m proud of this, I am just satisfied that my hard work was really really paid off and I was really really lucky! Or I can say that it was not a really hard work, maybe I just become more used to the examination system and question pattern. And also, my coursemates have been assisting me all the time, I won’t improve otherwise. So, really want to thank them! Especially for those who ever let me copy assignment…hehe… For the upcoming year, I wish I could be more independent and hardworking, don’t be procrastinating!

GACC: The atmosphere was much better than 13th. I was a publication director, thanks to Chai Jhen, Siow Hoong, and Swee Jiat for their helps. Hopefully the book was not disappointing. And also, for all the MTs, sorry if I’ve done something wrong, I was really enjoyed to work and play with you guys, especially Li hong, Gacc 14 would have been quiet all along without her…haha..more outings coming?

JKPAP/MOHEC: Oo…really sorry that I burst out in that meeting, sorry to my victim, Jo Ee, I was not really in good mood at that time, hope you didn’t mind. MOHEC was the first time organized by us, so there were plenty of mistakes might have happened, nevermind, we learned from mistakes! And I think I’ve handled the account in a quite messy way, and some of the debt I even haven’t collected yet, and yet I don’t plan to do so…sorry la...I fed up with that arrogant girl. (Is she?)

MATB1: Very funny, I was the publication director again, and all my anak biro were my roommates or ex-roommates! Ken, Zen, and Wern Yet, thank you also la, sometimes you guys were quite helpful, but actually I think there were nothing much to help also..haha…anyways, good to have you all. And yet, thanks Jun Yan as a responsible director! Bravo..

CC: Congrats May Fong , Choong Wern and Cheng Leong succeeded in representing CC…We really can see your effort and sincerity. For the CC activities organized, I personally think that it should have partially cut off, it makes us becoming lazier to join, don’t talk about tradition, again and again, it’s not necessary… Anyway, there were some activities which were remarkable, like SF night, Mooncake festival and CNY, I had a lot of fun indeed! Good Jobs for the coor. Wish that CC would be more successful next year!

Friends: There are friends I like or don’t like, but it will definitely remain in secret! Hehe..seriously I don’t like annoying friends and bird friends, nobody does right? I am not the person who can make jokes or being put inside the jokes all the while…I admit that my EQ is a bit low, I might be emotional, but now I’m learning how to control it…and definitely I won’t put on the facebook status to let people know la, maybe before that I would, but I found it helpless and it just will be irritating, so what’s the point? And yet, really thanks for those friends who really treat me as their good friends. I may not be the ideal friend. In my mind, there is always a scale, I will treat a friend as the way he treat me, sounds fair right?

Okay, last but not least, I would welcome my 3rd year with my open arms, let’s see what would happen, a breakthrough? Lol..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


为什么最近这样烦,多tests到死,搞到我对college的活动不负责任,考试又少分,都不知道lecturer要什么。这个礼拜生日,是二十一岁的,但是偏偏这个礼拜最多tests,要在房间煲lecture notes粥,不能出去wet,妈的,Sien死。。

Friday, January 15, 2010


超旧没写部落各了,不是懒惰,而是觉得没有这个必要。今天突然会写,也只是因为心中的郁闷,有时候真的不懂为什么自己这样废!空闲了又不会好好利用时间,总觉得有东西忙会使自己更有冲劲,更会利用时间。现在太过清闲了,整个人都好像很废,做什么都毫无意义,有东西等着去做的,但自己不肯起步,变得过分懒散!我需要一些东西来做,使自己忙一点,要给自己一点推动力,自己才会变得积极。不懂改天会不会变成工作狂?但愿如此!我希望自己是工作狂,赚多多钱来实现自己的梦想 – 去环游世界,买豪宅美车,让家人感到光荣!哈哈,毕竟还是个梦想啦。。



讲下GACC吧,它在去年年尾就已经落幕了。其实自己本身还蛮喜欢今年的感觉,风格不一样,改革了许多,在juniors的口中,他们都觉得很轻松,很enjoy,没有想象中那么忙。。很开心的,这也代表了十一个MTS的成功!要谢谢lihong和meishan,他们找到的product,我们都拿到很爽,哈哈!当然还有director的‘默默付出’,他真的很犀利,只是低调了少少。GACC MTS 不同的地方是,他们对自己的project都好像不会有很重的feeling,感觉上好像办完了就算,我也是其中之一,不懂这样算好吗?当然有时MTS一起出来玩的时候也蛮爽的,尤其是看lihong发癫!当了半年的GACC publication director,我真的没有后悔,而且‘获益’良多,就好像从下一年起,我们每年都有免费的五星酒店晚餐。



Friday, August 7, 2009







Saturday, August 1, 2009



在新的一个SEM里,不能否认自己的责任已增加,喜欢的,不喜欢的,或是被逼的,已不能由我自己去选择,要活在群体中,便要凡事为群体而着想,为群体的利益作为中心,没有所谓的自私和我行我素。对于新的juniors,从认识到引导,都有着新的体验。整体上,second year 的生活是另外一个新的挑战。状况会频频发生,不懂到时自己还应付得到吗?就当作是一个考验,一个对自己将来的训练。




Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memories Rewind

It is already a week I am home for my holiday...All these days I seem like very useless, everyday watch series or listen songs, or else will hang out with friends, money wasting! Now I am really bankrupt! Don't really have enough money to indulge anymore, but somehow I don't know what else actually I can do for these 2 weeks instead of indulging...something meaningful to do? People say there usually is, just depend on if I want to dig them out...At home, no internet connection, no newspapers, all I have is just a multifunction laptop...It helps me a lot, in the sense of filling my free time...Studying for next sem? Not my style, I even don't know my result yet! What a troublesome finance system handled by UM...or maybe I was oblivious with the things happened within my course? Perhaps, I am not closed with my course mates. This is the thing I really need to improve. Let see what else can do at home, helping to do housework? Learn some cooking skills? If you are me, will you do this?? Haha, a "lazy" explain all unwillingness. I think what most people do in holiday is just almost similar with me...unless for those who are working. Unfortunately I can't work due to time constraint, my holiday is less than 1 month. Working with Papa isn't a good idea for me too, I'm totally not interested in rough works and what he does, some more he would not let me to do anything that really helpful, just simple "servant jobs" that what I call. Maybe I am too selective? Just deeply think that kind of job would not be suitable with my age, status, and capability.

Maybe I am 'void', so lots of my first year memory haunts my mind, vividly. Friends, projects, activities...

Let's talk about what projects I have joined.

GACC 13: Erm...It is a really good projects and a good opportunity to learn and gain experience. I could see how did seniors enjoy the process, and through GACC, they have a very strong bond between each other, but it is not for me...How reluctant it is, I won't give up doing my part cause I don't want to be the irresponsible one. I really enjoy in learning in GACC, but not the policy that being done...We had controversy and unsatisfactory, it was a hard time indeed. It was a miracle that we are able to run this international program with the shortage of time and man power. Really pity for those who have multi tasks, but they did great! After a long run, a taste of satisfaction and happiness are no longer practical for me, just a taste of relief that I could feel. For those who attended the post molten, I need to say sorry, and say thanks to those who support me...That time I was arrogant, but I was telling my true view...Thanks to my director chin yee, she is my tender 'mom'...

CNY coor: I really enjoyed the preparation, getting known with other coors, making jokes together. I feel relaxed maybe because it is informal one, and we don't have much limitation. That night, everything was running smoothly but the games that I created, stupid! I didn’t expect people would not be sporting. It made the coors around became stupid too...sad! But situation was still under control, luckily got ah Goh assist me, thanks again!

Feseni: Another activity that I was being irresponsible. I enjoyed in the beginning but getting bored with the frequent practices afterwards. Maybe it was not frequent, but most of the time of practice will clash with my plan which have been planned earlier, like my first clubbing, celebrating people birthday, all I needed to skip because of practice. I skipped class too because of my fatigue body in the next day of the practice day. And also the hairstyle, we are students, not artists, we didn’t have to sacrifice our images just for the sake of 3 minutes dance. Did I dance for my life? Professional dancer? It didn’t make sense that we didn’t have the right to reject...But somehow, I just couldn't say 'no'. People said I sacrifice for art, no, i sacrifice for my responsibility. I was angry. But when the stylist was about to shave my hair, I found there's nothing to be angry about, just being happy to face it and I did it. I enjoyed the period being botak...haha! And I need to say sorry to zee way, cause sometime I was quite 'bird', but she is the patient one.

Performances: Dancing in senior-freshies night, mitb...paiseh, the lame dance I created one, and I watched back the video, it was really lame! I didn’t blame any dancers, but the dance steps that I taught, is really lame! Sometimes I was quite mad in teaching, and sometimes I will laugh at those funny mistakes that people made, especially Cherry, now I am still laughing, haha, sorry ya! And I sang in GACC closing ceremony and matb 2. For GACC one, I just felt that there was not enough performances, so I decided to duet which is the easiest solution. Thanks for may fong be my partner, your voice is sweet, but sorry cause the great impact on us after the duet. Rumors!! Unbearable, from GACC till the whole college, never end! Come on la, don't spoil may fong market, I don't want to be blamed. And the matb2 one, nice appearance, sucks in singing. At first, there were 3 people sing with me, but at last left me alone, it needed a great courage to be solo, I just wanted to reject, but somehow, responsibility made me changed my mind. Hopefully it wasn't a washout!

MMK: It was a project I truly like. Although I wasn't a member, but I wished my little support have given a little help on your project...The closing was impressive! Good Job.

How about my friends then? Zen, Ken and Wern Yet, thank you all are my 2nd sem roommates. I know I am meticulous in cleanliness and neat but you all are really nice to bear with me! I won’t forget we used to have good time together, ordering mcdi, chit-chatting and play together if there was any, and sorry if I have done something wrong to you all ...Again, thanks for the wallet, it is nice! Joe, Suresh, Bear, May Fong and Cherry, you all looks like the children of Samantha, but don’t absorb her essence la...Cause will be very scary de...haha! Thanks for accompanying so much and I enjoyed those outings! Again, don’t laugh my English pronunciation o...And I have nothing to do with May Fong, don’t spoil her market la...My GACC mates, really enjoy working with you all, you all are very nice! Scold me if I am being irresponsible! I know it will be a very difficult process, but I really looking for the time when 11 of us sitting in the round table and having dinner together in the closing ceremony...and cheer for success. Gambateh...My course mates, unless Suresh, I think I am not that closed with others, but I really hope to improve that. Thanks for those who have helped me a lot in my studies, borrowing me homework, and informing me course information! They are helpful, arigato! And special for Shawn and Shok Kim, thanks for borrowing me printer and help me a lot in studies...

I really enjoyed my first year, I will always miss it...Especially Genting trip and Pangkor trip, so glad that I never felt outcast in both of this trip, I was totally relaxing and enjoying to the utmost, there were not any disappointment and I didn’t have any burden...Thanks for the coor and those who was being with me all the way...2nd year, I think I won’t have much time to enjoy and try something new anymore, I have two important tasks that I need to put them as priorities now – Studies and GACC 14...I regretted that I didn’t put my full concentration in studies and lead me to the worst result, I swear I won’t do the same mistakes in the upcoming sem...I can’t afford to lose my pointer again because of the temptations and activities...

I have gone too much, and there is no doubt that I have experienced the joy and grief, I will learn from the pass and make me fully prepared for the upcoming 2nd year. Who’d have known, when you flash up on my mind, I will not feel alone. Miss you, my first year!