Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working during Holiday

I’m leaving my hometown, Ipoh, after a long holiday. I need to go back to UM to have another sem. This holiday, I didn’t totally stay at home(If I did so, I would be bored till die!), I spent a big portion of my holiday to work at KL, to earn some money.

Let’s recall what kind of jobs I involved in this holiday. Wern Yet, Chu Hong and I went to lots of place for interviews, for instances, restaurants, shops, promoter agents and etc.

We went to a training at E-promoter, at that time, I got my first job which is to promote Protex products at Guardian Bukit Bintang for 8 days. But then, I quitted that lame job after 2 days working. I just couldn’t bear with the suffocating atmosphere, boredoms and tiredness. I was supposed to do sampling on sanitizer, but guess what? Sanitizer is not being sold in that outlet! My supervisor asked me to promote other Protex Products, but somehow, it seemed stupid to let customers tried on the sanitizer, then told them it was not being sold there, asked them to purchase another products. WTF. Most of the customers were foreigners, and some of them didn’t even know English or Chinese. I ended up with weak sales in the first two days, then my supervisor called and complained on me, she asked me to be more aggressive(chase customers and keep promoting), walao…if you were customers, would you get annoyed? Well, maybe it was not a suitable job for me, so I quitted.

For weekdays, I worked at Ecoparadise, mostly on customer services. The spa is based on the concept of anti-oxidant which can neutralize excessive free radicals in our body, and hence stabilize our body with immunity boosted. That means when I was working, I actually breathed in the anti-oxidant also, indeed it made me feel healthier and more energetic. It was not a tough job and I had a lot of free time, the manager also treated us so nice, I had quite a lot of free meals during the working period, haha, really need to thank Mrs Wong. I made new friends and meet those customers with severe diseases, I appreciated their will to fight for their lives. It was a really great job that provided learning chances for me, I didn’t regret and perhaps, I would go back to work someday.

I also worked as promoter for Safegg at Wisma Thrifty for 6 days, another tiring job. It was a job to test my patience and ability to eat snake! Well, it was still better than promoting Protex because it was higher paid and more convenience. I didn’t have much constraint so, I usually have chance to eat snake! The egg I promoted is the healthiest, safest and yet, it is the most costly one. Most of the customers stressed on economic products, so they seldom purchased such expensive things, despite how good it was. It was true! For me, it was not really worth it. But anyway, I still need to thank the person who introduced the job for me. Haha…

After a month of hard work, I reached the amount that I targeted to earn. I went back to Ipoh and ready for my trip. So excited! I was able to afford a backpack in Singapore! A memorable one! Hooray!

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